Saturday, September 10, 2011

FALL into Something

SO... I suppose it is time to unveil the bedroom and bathroom. I really would like to completely redo the bedroom, but I did what I could with what I have,

The Green nightstand is the one that that used to be white.

Here is the bathroom...

 Here is my skeleton lamp attempt, i got a square shade and the base from the D.I., then I cut off the material from the shade to expose the wire frame.

I decided to wrap the base in tinfoil and then glaze it. I got the idea from this blog that I LOVE!

I wanted to paint the base a bright fun color, but my mom really wanted me to try this idea and since the nightstand where it is going is lime green, it was harder to find a color I loved.

Originally I had put the glaze on really heavy and everyone said it looked like the lamp had been in a fire, so I wiped a lot of it off for a more subtle look.

Here is the lamp in it's new home! The light bulbs for these kind of lamps are supposed to be translucent and look really cool if they are vintage Edison bulbs, but those are very expensive, and hard to come by.

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